Superior Drummer 3 PRO Presets

All the PRO presets I made for Superior Drummer 3 so far are on Gumroad:

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How to use my Superior Drummer 3 presets

Pro Presets List (google sheets link)

Here you can find a google sheets link with all the presets I made so far:

You can easily filter the presets you are interested in by the following columns:

  • Preset artist
  • Preset album
  • Preset style/genre: i.e. if you want to focus on Black Metal presets just filter by “black metal”
  • Core library or SDX expansions: i.e. if you want to focus on the “Metal Machinery” SDX preset just filter by the column “Metal Machinery”

I’ll keep this list up to date, hope it helps!

Preset request form

I created this google form for any preset request:

I’ll get back to you, thanks!

Advanced Presets Search

For a quicker and more effective search choose any of the following tags: